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Aloha and welcome to Safety Services Hawai'i: Maui!

So you were cruising Facebook and you saw one of our ads. Well, we don't claim to be a team of scantily clad construction babes, but we CAN save you lots of money, and we think that's pretty sexy!

My name is Gordon Gillis, and my mission for Safety Services Hawai'i is to serve the island of Maui with world-class safety consulting services. I'll explain everything that we offer or you can scroll down to see a list of our services.

At SSH we are driven by our shared passion to save our clients money--our clients are small to mid-size business owners just like you. In the process of saving our clients lots of time, energy, resources, and money, we also save lives, which is the most rewarding for us. We also save our clients from big headaches, legal challenges from OSHA, and costly project disruptions. The list goes on.

We specialize in helping businesses just like yours with safety trainings, CPR/AED requirements, forklift and other heavy machinery trainings and audits, construction site audits, OSHA compliance reports, and anything else you might possibly need to make your business 100% inspection-ready and harm-proof.

Take 3 minutes to fill out the form below in order to set up a free meeting with me, Gordon, to discuss your business's needs. We're here to be an accessible resource for business owners like yourself, and to make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best, and spend more time with the ohana at the beach!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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The Safety Services Hawaii Advantage

  • 60-day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on All Trainings & Certification Courses
  • Guaranteed Lower Workers’ Comp Rates for The Next 3 Years
  • 3-Year-Safety Guarantee: No Workplace Related Fatalities After Our Trainings
  • We trained the Hawai’i OSHA inspectors
  • Safety Consultant Specialists

US Workers Injured Every Minute
Fatal Construction Falls in 2017
Fatal Electrocutions 2017
Average Hawai'i Construction Site OSHA Inspection Pass Rate
Safety Servies Hawai'i Client OSHA Inspection Pass Rate