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My name is Gordon Gillis, CEO of Safety Services Hawai’i.

At Safety Services Hawaii we offer a wide array of Safety Services aimed at:

  • Improving the safety standards of your business,
  • Ensuring you meet OSHA compliance, and
  • Giving you access to all the best tools, teachers, and trainings you might possibly need to save your business money and keep your workers’ safe, happy, and productive.

On this page I’m going to talk to you about our Fire Extinguisher and Fire Safety training and certification programs, available all over Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.


Since fire is one of the most common hazards in the workplace, it is important for your employees to know how to properly use a fire extinguisher if a fire should break out at your work site. Of course, fire prevention is always the best safety policy to follow, but prevention is not always possible. This program will teach your employees how to calmly and effectively deal with fires and correctly use a fire extinguisher.


  1. What Causes a Fire
  2. The Five Classes of Fire
  3. Fire Prevention Methods
  4. Types of Fire Extinguishers
  5. How to Select the Appropriate Fire Extinguisher
  6. How to Correctly Use a Fire Extinguisher
  7. Situations When Not to Fight a Fire
  8. Fire Extinguisher Inspection

“Since bringing Gordon in we have seen tremendous improvements in the overall safety of our projects.” – Dan Blackburn, Division Manager, F&H Construction, Kahului, Maui


  • Fire Extinguisher Basics
  • Explanation of the OSHA Standard
  • Step-by-step Instructions for How to Develop Your Fire Extinguisher Program
  • Fire Extinguisher Written Program

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