Did You Know?
  • Twenty-two million workers go to work are exposed to potentially damaging noise each year.​
  • 17 workers die on the job every day.
  • Nearly 50 workers are injured every minute.
  • Workplace injuries will cost society 128 billion in losses this year which equals one quarter of pre-tax corporate profits.
  • There is a direct positive correlation between investment in safety and health performance and its subsequent return on investment.
  • Every 9 minutes a US teen gets hurt on the job.
  • In a recent poll of financial decision makers the participants perceived that on average for every dollar spent improving working place safety approximately $4.41 would be returned.
  • Workplace accidents are preventable.
  • You have the RIGHT to be safe and healthy at work.
The Top Ten Motivators For Taking Actions and Implementing Safety Trainings
  • Cost of workers' compensation insurance
  • "Right thing to do"
  • "Increases Profitability"
  • Federal/State safety rules
  • "Too many accidents"
  • Employee morale
  • Productivity
  • OSHA fines
  • Employee concerns
  • Recommendations of outside experts
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